So…since we’ve already established that I’m lazy when it comes to blogging lets get to the point. Let’s give one of my guy friends a big WOOT WOOT because he’s got his own site too! My friend is a great artist and he went and got something accomplished (hmmm…that is definitely not something we have in common) and created a website to put his artwork up on the web. You should really check it out, he has some cool pieces on it and uses a bunch of different techniques and mediums, so it’s pretty interesting. Well, why am I sitting here blabbering on about his site, see for yourself! (see link below)

By the way, my crayon campaign hasn’t been going so well…I’m still looking for inspiration, but I’ve got some half baked ideas!

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I have concluded that crayons are most definitely the perfect drawing tool. I mean, what other medium of artistry can deliver so many already available, readily prepared colors and shades?And with quirky names like “mac and cheese” and “tickle me pink” how can you not just adore them? And the nostalgia… the instant burst of joy when you open up a box of crayons…memories of countless new boxes opened a long time ago, now reduced to stubbles… that gratifying effect of empowerment you feel as you smear rich, creamy colors onto a crisp sheet of fresh printer paper. If the sentimental value of them is not enough, consider the following advantages. What other existant substance can deliver a burst of color without mess or waste? Colored pencils and basically every normal pencil eats up and wastes wood, which, of course, is derived from trees, which could have been sucking the c02 out of the atmosphere. Markers? Not a chance. They are simply plastic shells stuffed with a porous, spongy material infused with runny ink. Have you ever drawn with markers, and upon finishing, find that your fingertips have been dyed a bright shade of green, purple, or whatever color you previously were using? Then you look at your picture, and find that it has been smudged. The agony. The disappointment. So we default to more professional options. Paint and watercolors run and is not easily controlled, and oil pastels are paints wannabe crayons. Name any art material and I will find a reason why crayons are better. Plus, unlike those fancy paints and other fine materials, crayons are relatively cheap. You can get a pack of 120 colors, worth days of fun, for just around $10. 120 is a lot, but the less you buy the cheaper it gets.


Plus, unlike anything else, you can glam your work up with neon, glitter, metallic, and more. For me, I prefer the classics, but whatever floats your boat is alright. Anyways, there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of crayons you took to get here. I am going to start posting a line of crayoned version of usually penciled art. So stay tuned!

Fun Facts:

1.There are currently 120 colors being produced by crayola (all crayons other than crayola stink), but 12 more have been retired and replaced by new ones, so technically, there are 132 variations swarming around out there. The names of these colors have been changed many times, so if you found one of each color ever produced, plus the colors with the old names on the label, you would have 144 crayons.

2. America’s favorite crayon color is plain old blue.

3. Crayon labels come in only 18 colors



I havn’t got the chance to see the latest ep. yet, but whatever. I’ll see it soon enough, but I can’t wait. Anywho, I’ve got some more Fringe links. YAY!!!– and don’t you forget it! (don’t give me weird looks, just click the link and you’ll get it!)– a must- visit for all fringe fans, even though it probably hasn’t been updated for over a year.



Ok…I’ve beean really lazy. But…DID YOU SEE FRINGE????!?! Brown Betty may have been the cutest episode ever! I can’t wait for Northwest Passage. In the meantime, though, heres my review:


  1. Another Astrid/ Walter “awww” moment. Do you think that if Walter starts losing Peter again, he will treat Astrid like a daughter?
  2. STORY TIME!!!
  3. Singing- everyone was great, especially Broyles. Did you know that Astrid wasn’t originally going to sing? I know, shocker!
  4. Singing corpses. The irony is incredible.
  5. Walter’s office. Colorful and there’s no other way to describe it than it’s the Candy Man’s workshop. And Gene was dressed like a twister mat.
  6. Esther Figglesworth? Can this get any funnier?
  7. PETER+OLIVIA=♥. If they were trying to do that with any subtlety  they failed. Epically. But hey, it’s Walter’s fantasy and how can you expect any less?
  8. Nina and Bell relationship? I know that the whole episode was a story and none of it really happened, but a lot of what Walter said actually happened or was very close to the truth, with the Rachel-Peter thing, Massive Dynamic, etc. Anyways, when Nina and Bell were talking, they were using words like “we can finally be together again” and “I’ve been going out of my mind (referring to not being together)” and “Yes my love.” Walter seemed like he had a very close relationship with Nina in “Peter,” and he was Bell’s lab partner and good friend for countless years, so he would know if there was something going on between them. It makes you think…was there a Walter- Bell- Nina love triangle before this whole ordeal?
  9. Mr. Gemini? Is that a made up name or will it unfold into something else, where these observers have months for first names and astrological symbols as last names? I thought it was interesting though, that they featured him as well.
  10. Ella’s ending. Happy and nice and..wait! Does she want her aunt to be with Peter too? I mean, in her ending, Peter took Olivia in his arms and started dancing with her!
  11. Pretty funny, even when some jokes were kinda cheesy.
  12. If you are paying attention in Fringe, you would have noticed a lot of symbolism. Walter took Peter from the other universe and for Peter’s whole life, never told him. In the ep. Walter, for many years, never told Peter about his secret. The same thing with the “glass heart”- how Peter unwittingly sacrificed his happy life in the alternate universe (giving his heart and life to Walter) so that Walter didn’t have to go through the pain of losing him (not dying).


  1. Nina didn’t sing. Or Bell. It would have been so great if Nina or Bell started singing…
  2. Walter’s ending. I almost cried. Luckily, Ella saved the day.
  3. The real life ending was kinda flat. The story was over, real Olivia walks in, then tells Walter that she hasn’t found Peter, the end.


So, obviously, there was more good than bad stuff in this ep., and I’ll be blogging soon!

C’Y’all later!





To all of you fringies out there, i have a few videos to share that I found on youtube, and if you want more fringe content, go to, or for video extras. Enjoy!

Best of Walter-

Fring Fun Song-

Olivia and peter-

Best Olivia and peter (rehab)-

Random but funny-


Fringe is my new obsession, and theres only seven new episodes until the season finale. Last we saw before “Peter,” Olivia and Peter almost kissed! i say *almost* because they were going to kiss and but then Olivia had to pull away to save the world from inter universe destruction. Not only that, but we never got to see them going on the date (or just out for drinks, as Peter says to Walter) at the end of the episode. The agony. Does JJ Abrams want us to throw our TVs (or in my case, laptop) out the window?! I should file a complaint. Anyways, everyone who loves sci-fi comedy crime drama thrillers with a touch of romance that includes a mad scientist with a cow named Gene needs to watch it (and it you hate all of the above, you should watch it anyways). I can’t wait for the next episode, airing tomorrow.


Sunday was Easter, and I decided to post cuz I’ve been a bit lazy. I went to mass, ate toast, and watched reruns of “fringe” on in the morning, then colored eggs (I colored, like, six, but they were all very artistic and stuff). We were going to head over to my aunt’s house for the egg hunt at five, and I was a bit weary of searching for candy in the dark. But, we pulled through, holding the egg hunt *not* only in the dark, but also outside  in the pouring rain  and lightning. It was actually quite entertaining, though, but i got mostly hershey kisses which I really dont like that much, for reasons unapparent to me (maybe false advertising?). Anyways, at dinner, I made the glaze for the ham and glazed it. We had baked potatoes, salad, plenty of roasted veggies, ham and Eater lamb, and for dessert-mini cheesecake-cupcakes, and pumpkin pie ice cream (yeah, my family can’t remember which holidays ham and pumpkin pie correspond to, so we just eat it all every holiday). Monday, I had a stomach ache, and so did some of my other family members. Was it over-eating, or the food? What came first- the chicken or the easter egg? Anyways a late Happy Easter (Or merry easter, or whatever you like it) to those who celebrate it.